Hot Octopuss DiGiT review

The DiGiT is a pretty unique finger vibrator designed for clitoral stimulation. It has a really fun design that makes it very comfortable to use. Compared to most bullet vibrators you don’t have to hold it with your fingers, because it slides on like a ring. This also makes it very stable. No more fingers slipping from too much lube or juices on your toy! The Hot Octopuss DiGiT has three buttons. On one side you get the power button, right below the charging port while on the other side you have your plus and minus buttons. While charging a built-in LED will blink red under the power button and it’ll turn into a solid green when it’s fully charged. You can long press the power button to turn the DiGiT on and off, and you can cycle through the built-in modes by short pressing it. The first mode is a static, constant level of vibration, and after it there are 4 built-in patterns you can cycle through. You can use the plus and minus buttons on the other side to increase or decrease the power in 6 levels which turned out to be more than enough of a scale.

DiGiT Specs

  • Dimensions: 3.4 x 1.8 x 1.2 In (87.5 x 48 x 31mm)
  • Weight: 38g
  • Material: ABS/PC/Silicone
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours (Lithium battery)
  • Running time: ~40 minutes (can be a bit less if you blast it at full power all the way)
  • In the package you get the DiGiT, charging cable, instructions, warranty and a travel bag

Pros and Cons

  • It’s very comfortable that you don’t have to hold it!
  • Even for bigger fingers you can easily make it work
  • Pretty powerful rumbly vibrations compared to it’s small size
  • Sometimes water gets under the plastic at the base of the toy and it needs a few days to completely dry out.
  • It felt like it’d be even more comfortable if the toy itself were laying under two fingers in the middle instead of just one
  • The buttons are a bit hard to find mid-play and it’s a bit hard to press them
  • Sometimes pressing the minus button makes for an accidental press on the power button too
  • Left-handed option would be cool

How it feels

Once you put the DiGiT on your fingers it almost feels like an extension of your body. I was surprised how rumbly the vibrations are compared to it’s small size. I had help from a lovely partner in testing it and it was a lot of fun! We tried to get creative too. I slid a finger inside her while having the DiGiT on, so my finger and the toy separated in a Y shape with my finger going inside her and the DiGiT sliding over her clitoris. It was fun, but the best way is still to use it as designed obviously. I have fairly big hands and thicker fingers, but it fit me pretty okay. If it feels too small to slide it on like a ring, you can always bend the finger part a bit and pull it over your fingers that way. Once it plase, it didn’t feel too tight at all. What we did feel like was it might be better in some cases if the body of the toy itself was placed not directly under one finger, rather under two fingers, kinda inbetween them, so it’s less tiring to apply pressure. If I had to improve one thing, that’d be how much pressure the buttons need to be pressed and maybe the placement too. It’s a bit hard to press them, so if you want to change modes or intensity during play, you’ll need to stop for a second to do so. Also when trying to decrease the intensity, since they are at the same spot on opposite sides we accidentally pressed the power button a few times, which lead to it switching to the next mode and us having to cycle through the 5 modes to get back to the one we wanted. I think with a little getting used to this should not be an issue though as you’ll simply learn to hold the toy a bit differently when trying to press the minus button. Cleaning the DiGiT is very easy. Since it’s waterproof, simply rinse it and use a mild soap or alcohol-free sextoy cleaner then wipe it dry. A bit of water might get under the plastic part at the base. Don’t try to remove it, it’s not supposed to come off! If you give it some time, it’ll dry out by itself. If it bothers you or you want to dry it faster you can put it in a small cup of dry rice and cover it, but it’s totally not necessary..

DiGiT vs AMO

There’s a close relative of the DiGiT among the Hot Octopuss toys, and that’s the AMO. It’s their bullet vibrator.If you just read the specs you’d think it’s smaller, but that’s only because there’s no finger ring part, so actually the silicone covered head is bigger than the DiGiT’s! To know more about the AMO check out the review here!


Overall the DiGiT is a very fun toy providing decent power and surprisingly deep, rumbly vibrations compared to it’s size. The main ditinguishing feature here is the way you can put it on your finger. It feels comfortable, sturdy and the materials feel very nice. If you already have a bullet vibrator and want to try if this design is for you, simply use a rubber band or to and fasten it to your finger to find out 🙂

Video Review

Hot Octopuss DiGiT





  • Great idea
  • Powerful motor
  • Gorgeous design


  • Buttons are a bit hard to press