The review pipeline

These are the toys I’m currently testing and reviewing and the projects I’m working on! They are roughly in the order in which you can expect the reviews to be published in, slight changes might occur 🙂

Working on Right now, tune in live on my private onlyfans (alechardyxxx)

Full guide on the Kiiroo KEON accessories and updated review on the toy itself.

In the waiting room

Updates to some of the most popular articles like the lovense app guide and the fake cum recipes

FeelStars strokers comparision / buying guide: This is still heavily in a concept stage. Feel free to drop me ideas if you have any!


  • LELO Loki Wave 2 review
    Why the LELO Loki Wave 2? The Loki Wave 2 is an upgraded version of the original, award winning Loki Wave. It’s pretty hard to improve on something that’s already so good, and if it was up to me, I’d rather call the new version Loki Wave+ based on the changes, but it’s an amazing
  • LELO Loki Wave vs. LELO Hugo – a comparison review
    Similarities The LELO Loki Wave and LELO Hugo are both prostate massagers and both feature internal and external stimulation as well. While they are primarily designed for prostate and perineum stimulation, thanks to the anatomical similarities they might be used as G-spot and clitoral vibrators as well. With both toys make sure to read the
  • Kiiroo Pearl 2+ and Pearl 3 review
    A much welcome update for an already awesome toy! The Pearl 2+ and Pearl3 dropped simultaneously to replace the original Pearl 2. I made a handy dandy chart to help you decide which one is for you What’s new? Both the Pearl 2+ and the Pearl 3 got a new sensor covering a larger area.
  • LELO DOT review – Elliptical pinpoint clitoral vibrator
    What’s the LELO DOT and how does it work The DOT is LELO’s pinpoint clitoral vibrator, which delivers accurate stimulation at the precise spot you want it. It’s main feature is the elliptical ‘infinite loop’ technology. This means that the soft silicone tip is moving along an elliptical path rather than a simple circle. You
  • Autoblow AI+ review
    What the Autoblow AI+ is and how it works The Autoblow AI+ is Autoblow’s flagship automatic masturbator/stroker. It has 10 programmable memory slots for manual/offline use, and a feature-packed web interface for controlling, downloading new patterns and giving remote control access to others. It has interchangeable sleeves and adjustable grip tightness! What does the Autoblow