LELO Hugo 2 remote and app controlled prostate massager

What is the LELO Hugo 2?

The Hugo 2 is an updated version of LELO’s prostate massager. There are two main changes. The new version is 20% more powerful compared to the original Hugo, and now there are two different versions. One keeps the physical remote and the other one ditches it in favor of being app controlled and giving you a bit lower price in return. I’ve been playing around quite a bit with both versions comparing them to each other and also to the original Hugo.

Should you upgrade?

If you already have the original Hugo and love it I’d recommend sticking with it. While the new ones are a bit more powerful indeed I wouldn’t call the extra 20% shockingly noticeable. If you like your Hugo’s power that’s already good then, and if you carve something significantly stronger that might be worth looking a bit further into your options. If you love the Hugo but prefer app control over a physical remote that might be a perfect reason to upgrade. And if you don’t own any version of the Hugo yet I’d say let your budget decide. If it’s comfortably affordable for you grab one of the new Hugo 2s. If your budget is a bit tighter or if you’re not sure yet about how much you’ll like a toy like the Hugo, the original Hugo is still up on the site as long as stocks last, so this might be a good opportunity to save a bit and grab one for a bit cheaper.

Hugo 2 Remote vs Hugo 2 (app controlled). Which one is best suited for you?

The app controlled version comes with 16 built-in modes you can select from, while the remote version has 6 built-in patterns and 2 additional remote modes, so a total of 8. With the app you can select and save 10 modes onto your toy that you can cycle through in manual mode without the need to use the app. You can change which 10 of the 16 total available you want and the order of them too, so you can have your favorites earlier in the cycle.

Hugo 2 remote keeps the amazing haptic feedback remote that came with the original Hugo remote. I really love the idea that the remote also vibrates giving you instant haptic feedback of what your partner feels when you’re controlling their toy. It also has accelerometers so you can either control the intensity by the angle at which you hold the remote or in another mode by shaking it. The harder you shake, the more intense the vibrations. This can be used in fun little games like strapping the remote to your hand and masturbating. The faster you go the more intense the vibrations. How fast can you go? How long can you last?

Cleaning and caring for your toy

Both versions of the Hugo 2 are covered in premium silicone, so use only high quality water based lube. For anal play I recommend thicker lubes and make sure to re-apply it time and time again if you feel like the lubrication is not enough. Cleaning is very easy, just rinse both toys with warm water and a mild soap or toy cleaner. Pat dry with a lint-free cloth and you’re good to go! I always like to give my toys a full charge after cleaning them, as this way they’ll be ready for me whenever I decide to play with them again. The remote of the Hugo 2 is not waterproof, so if you need to clean it just wipe it with a damp cloth. You can apply some toy cleaner onto a cloth and wipe it with that if it gets extra dirty 


Materials:Body-safe silicone, ABS plastic
Size:107 x 41 x 104 mm / 4.2 x 1.6 x 4.09 in
Insertable length:72 mm / 2.83 in
Weight:157 g / 5.53 oz
Battery:Li-Ion 420 mAh 3.7 V
Charging:up to 2 h at 5.0 V 500 mA
Rated Power:Input: 5 V 2.1 W
Output: 3.7 V 2.5 W
User time:up to 1 h
Standby:90 days
Frequency:Vibration motor 1: 130 Hz
Vibration motor 2: 108 Hz
Max. noise level:< 60 dB
Interface:1 button
Remote control 
Materials:Body-safe silicone, ABS plastic
Size:64 x 26 x 64 mm / 2.5 x 1 x 2.5 in
Weight:30 g / 0.07 lb
Battery:2 AAA

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