LELO F1S V3 male masturbator review

What is the F1S V3 and what’s new about it

The F1S V3 is LELO’s new, upgraded version of their already awesome male masturbator, the F1S V2. If you liked how the V2 already upped the power game, having twice the power of its predecessor, you’ll love the again doubled power of the V3! Sensations are very subjective and just as with audio, doubling the power goes more on a logarithmic curve. So how much more powerful you’ll feel it is going to vary from person to person, but since I have the F1S V2, I did test them alternating between the two on max power and although I can’t exactly say if the V3 is twice as powerful, what I can definitely say is that it felt very noticeably more powerful. The V3 kept the two awesome features: Cruise Control and SenSonic and added a new AI mode and now there is an XL version available for bigger penises.

Cruise Control basically means the device reserves the top ~20% of its available power and only unleashes it when it feels the motors are struggling and their RPM is about to drop. If you already have one or two toys you’re most probably familiar with the sensation of their vibration intensity dropping when you press them harder against your body. It can be frustrating as you’re pressing harder because you want a bit more intensity, but it often feels like you’re overpowering the little device in your hands. Well, cruise control is here to help with that. You’ll still be able to overpower the motors if you go extremely hard, but with average use you will not feel the power drop as you usually do with other toys. It was around the third time I played with it when I realized how good this is. Just like with music in movies, you know it’s really good when you don’t even notice it’s there. Cruise control is just like that. You won’t even notice it’s doing its job, but you’ll definitely feel the difference when you go back to another toy after playing with the F1S V3.
SenSonic on the LELO site is described as: “It’s the same high-tech concept that made the LELO SONA™ the world’s bestselling sex toy of all time. Instead of standard vibrations, one of the motors emits powerful sonic waves that permeate deep into your penis, making it feel as though it’s resonating pleasurably from all directions all at once, instead of simply tickling the nerve endings on the surface of your skin. It will help you achieve the most overwhelming orgasms of your life.” In reality it means there’s a little ring shaped thingy connected to the motor (like a mini speaker) right under your frenulum. As it vibrates up/down at a speed of up to 4200RPM you can technically say it does act as a mini speaker. It actually does what’s being advertised. The vibrations do permeate your cock and do feel like your entire cock is vibrating. I’m not sure it’s because of sonic waves, but as long as it works I’m just happy it does. If you have a Hot Octopuss Pulse toy, it’s very very similar to how the PulsePlate feels on those. If you go gentle with the power it can give you an amazing stimulation on your frenulum.

AI mode is a semi-auto mode. Your toy sends data to the app about how you’re stroking it, and the app adjusts the intensity of the motors accordingly going through 8 gears. I’ve been testing and trying this mode for quite a bit, and what I was able to gather is basically if you move the toy faster than a certain speed it keeps increasing the power all the way to the max and if you slow down it starts to decrease it. It does so in a linear fashion, so if it’s at full power and you stop completely it’ll still gradually go from max power to minimum intensity, so there are no sudden jumps in intensity. I tried moving it in all different kinds of ways and changing the tempo in various ways but that’s all I was able to make it do. It does change patterns too whenever you switch ‘gears’, but the same levels always have the same patterns (at least in my experience). Regardless if the ‘AI’ here is just the current buzzword or if there’s actually something more going on in the background, it still feels awesome and that is what counts in my opinion 🙂
Two sizes! The F1S V3 comes in the same size by default, and you can get the XL which is slightly bigger. On the website it says girth (which would be the circumference of your penis) but I think the numbers refer to diameter. The regular size can accommodate penises with a diameter between 40mm-60mm and the XL can be enjoyed between 42mm-64mm. The 4mm doesn’t sound that much, so if you are significantly thicker than average you still might not fit in it. The XL also has a 120mm insertable length compared to the regular’s 110mm, so you can insert one full centimeter more into it. Just as with any toy it’s really important to measure yourself and compare your size to their metrics before purchasing.
No more game mode. The V2 had a fun plane shooter game in the app where you moved your plane left and right by tilting the toy and shot by stroking with it. That game is still available in the LELO app if you connect your V2, but not for the V3. At first I was like awwww that’s a shame, but then I realized that besides it being a fun proof of concept thing and that it was fun to try it out, I never actually masturbated to shooting planes so it isn’t that big of a deal.
Twice as many slots to save modes The V2 offered 4 slots to save your favorite custom patterns onto your device. You could then cycle through them in manual mode without the app. The V3 now offers 8 slots so you can save twice as many patterns onto it.

What does the LELO F1S V3 feel like?

Besides the increased power the V3 also has a different inner sleeve. The material feels a bit thicker and has more pronounced ribs/channels. This eliminates the air pocket formation that was very prevalent with the V2. Is this a good thing? It depends on your preference. I personally enjoyed smushing my penis all the way into the V2 and feeling like it clamped onto the head of my penis hard. I liked playing around with that little vacuum 🙂 You can still feel some of that with the V3 but the improved ribs do their intended job very well and the airflow is greatly increased. It’ll still give you extra loud slurping sounds when you stroke with it hard and fast, so if you have somebody in the other room they’ll definitely hear you use it. But as a matter of fact the F1S V3 is more than perfect to be used just by holding it in place and playing around with the settings. It can most definitely get you off without any stroking since it stimulates your perineum in a similar fashion to how clitoral suction / air pulse toys do like the LELO SONA or the womanizer toys. Combined with the second motor driving deep and rumbly vibrations into your shaft stroking is not necessary at all.

F1S V3 specs and features

Materials:Body-safe silicone, Aluminum alloy, LEXAN™ 141R
Size:144 x Φ 72 mm / 5.67 x 2.83 in (XL: 154 x Φ 72 mm / 6 x 2.83 in)
Insertable length:110 mm / 4.3 in (XL: 120 mm / 4.7 in)
Girth:40mm-60mm / 1.75 in – 2.36 in (XL: 42mm- 64mm / 1.65 in – 2.5 in)
Weight:314 g / 0.69 lb (XL: 320 g / 0.7 lb)
Battery:Li-lon 850 mAh 3.7 V
Charging:2 h at 5.0 V 850 mA
Rated Power:Input: 5V 3.75W
Output: 3.7V 1.5W
User time:up to 2 h
Standby:90 days
Frequency:suction motor: 64 Hz
vibration motor: 93 Hz
Max. noise level:< 75 dB
Interface:3 buttons

App control vs. Manual mode

The F1S V2 had its own app, but the F1S V3 moved to the standard LELO app. Also if you have multiple LELO toys and you already have the LELO app, you can move completely to it even with the F1S V2. I connected my V2 to it without any issues and had access to all the features there, so there’s no need to have 2 apps on your phone anymore. In app control mode you can control the two motors separately and get feedback from all the sensors. The top dial lets you adjust the motor responsible for the “air-pulse” part around your frenulum, while the lower one lets you control the vibrating motor right at the entrance of the toy. The interface looks super-cool, but you need to spend some time to fully explore all of the features.

Besides controlling power, if you click the little horizontal line under the “MOTOR 1” and “MOTOR 2” labels you can actually select from 7 vibration patterns for the specific motor. Also at the bottom of the screen you can select ‘Gear’ from 1-8 which basically means how fast the selected patterns are being ‘played’. This of course only makes sense on 6 patterns as the 7th is a static constant mode.

If you have some very favorite combinations you can actually go into ‘Settings’ and store 8 different settings onto your toy. So compared to other toys that usually have some built-in patterns for offline mode, with the LELO F1S V3 all 8 slots are totally customizable through the app, so you can play with your favorite settings even if you’re using the toy in manual mode.

In manual mode you can use the power button to cycle through the patterns you saved to the slots previously. They come with some default combinations out of the box. The LEDs on the base show you which slot is currently selected. Even though you can save the power levels too in Settings, you can use the +/- buttons to increase and decrease the power in general, but the Gear will stay as you’ve set it in the app.

Should you upgrade?

For me it’s a definite yes in this case! Unlike some toy upgrades where you have a small tweak or minor adjustment, there are tons of changes with the F1S V3 that are well worth upgrading to! Of course if you love your V2 and enjoy playing with it there’s no need to rush and order the V3 but if you’re just planning to get your first one now I’d most definitely go for the V3.

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