FunFactory B Ball Uno

The FunFactory B Ball Uno is a small mechanical buttplug. The insertable part is hollow and has a weighted ball inside it. As you move around the ball is going to bump and roll around inside the plug and give you very fun rumbly sensations! Thanks to it’s small size (7,3 cm; Ø balls: 1,8 – 3,2 cm; 52 g) it’s a perfect beginner plug.

How it feels

Inserting the B Ball Uno is very easy, and it stays in place really well! The flared base is very comfortable even after wearing it for a few hours. At first I just walked around with it and it was very fun. Then I tried running and jumping around. I then went for a drive. I usually hate uneven, bumpy roads but not this time! The B Ball Uno’s rumbly fun sensations made every small bump on the road very fun, I found myself intentionally driving a bit more dynamically just to make it work more! When having sex with a partner it’s fun regardless if you’re topping or bottoming. Even spanking gets an extra layer of sensations with it!

Cleaning and tips

Since the B Ball Uno doesn’t have any electronics inside, it’s totally safe to bring it with you in the shower, bathtub, hot tub or your swimming pool if you have one. Cleaning is very easy, just give it a proper wash with some warm water and mild soap. Use a gentle sextoy cleaner if you like, just make sure it’s alcohol free, as the alcohol could degrade the materials of the toy.


I absolutely loved this plug! It is a very good example that size and power are not the only things that matter. I quite a few plugs and this is easily among my top 3! Regardless of your experience level, the B Ball Uno is a very fun plug to have. It won’t give you the most intense sessions you’ve ever had, but it’s perfect to make that dinner party you’re going out to very very exciting and fun!

Watch the video review too!

FunFactory B Ball Uno





  • Perfect for beginners
  • Comfortable for longer term wear
  • Great price/value