Leten A380 v2 review – Automatic masturbator by Leten

UPDATE! On the honeysx site (linked) now you can get the even newer A380 pro with a few extra features. Most parts of this review still apply to that toy as well!

!!IMPORTANT!! Only get this toy if the diameter of your penis is not bigger than 4cm when erect! You won’t be able to fit inside if you’re thicker than that! The maximum insertable length is 14cm.

The Leten A380 v2 is a very fun automatic masturbator that comes with a handy suction cup adapter which you can use to fasten it to your desk or any flat enough surface and go completely hands-free! The inside mechanics are somewhat similar to the Autoblow toys where a plastic ring grabs the sleeve from the outside and strokes your cock up and down. The A380 has a built-in battery, 5 different speeds, multiple built-in patterns, moans in 6 different voices (all speaking chinese, but the moans are super fun!), it can go pretty fast and just looks great!

Box, contents and specs

In the box you’ll get the toy itself, the suction cup adapter, charging cable and instruction manuals. Compared to the Leten Alice (708pro) the key differences are:

  • The A380 has a rechargeable battery while the Alice needs to be plugged into a power socket
  • The Alice heats, the A380 doesn’t (UPDATE! The A380 Pro has a heating feature now!)
  • The A380 has 6 different sounds, the Alice has 3 (there isn’t that much difference between the sounds so it’s not that big of a difference imho)
  • The A380 comes with a suction cup adapter, the Alice doesn’t
  • The Alice has a perfume dispenser tray thingy, the A380 doesn’t
  • The Alice moves a sleeve up and down, like the Keon or the FL Launch, the A380 stretches part of a sleeve up and down, more similarly to the Autoblow 🙂

How it works

Make sure to fully charge your toy before first use. While it’s charging, take the sleeve out, clean it then put it back in the toy. To see how exactly you can do this jump over to my video review at 06:05 or click here: https://youtu.be/35gImXL-Qdo?t=365

How it feels

For me the first level was a bit too weak, but levels 2-5 the torque was nice and stable! The sleeve is not a Feelstars stroker or a Fleshlight sleeve, but it feels decent and provides more than enough stimulation. The suction cup adapter is very nice and provides a strong grip. Penetrating without needing to hold the toy itself is a very rewarding experience. I also like how light it is. It provides a stroking sensation (like the KEON does) but it’s much lighter and you can move it up and down to provide additional stimulation or to make the stroking feel more random. I enjoyed both the hands-free (suction cup) and the hands-on fun with the A380.

Compared to the Lovense Max and the KEON

It’s about the same size and weight as the Lovense Max 2, so stroking with it manually feels similar, but the A380 strokes on the inside while the Max 2 vibrates and contracts. It feels more similar to the Kiiroo KEON, but it’s much lighter. The A380 doesn’t have app control, intercahngeable strokers or interactivity features which the KEON does have!


I think this is a great toy with very fun features at a pretty decent price point! Please don’t compare an $88 toy to a $250 one. Both have their places and both have their pros and cons! I think for this price it’s an amazing deal.

Video review

Leten A380 v2 automatic male masturbator





  • Great price
  • Very fun features
  • Looks cool
  • Light


  • Sleeve could be a bit thicker
  • A bit cumbersome to adjust the sleeve in through the small side panel