Lovense Max2 review

Lovense released the Max2, the next iteration of the Max and they really got around to improve on a lot of things!

In case you’re not familiar with the Max, it’s an interactive male masturbator. You can use it in manual/offline mode, and you can give remote control to your partner, or make it vibrate for tips if you are a webcam model. It has a removable sleeve that you can clean easily. It has a built-in rechargeable battery with a proprietary charging cable, so don’t lose it, as a micro-USB cable won’t help you here! 🙂 The toy can vibrate and contract too which is pretty exciting! If you give a control link to somebody they can independently control the strength of the vibrations and contractions. You can of course use the toy without a partner. You have two separate buttons to control the vibrations and contractions. It also has 4 pre-programmed vibration pattrerns besides the 3 levels of intensity. You can cycle through all of them with the vibration control button.

Key differences from the Max1


The new design is really exciting! Looks way cooler, easier to hold, gets you hard faster 😉 There’s a little air-vent that you can open/close to control the amount of suction. The way it works is when you insert your penis into the toy and leave the little air vent open, your cock pushes out the excess air from the toy. If you close the vent while fully inserted, when you start pulling it out that’ll create a vacuum and give you a very nice sucking feeling. If you leave the vent open, there’s no vacuum, no sucking. You can alternate between the two depending on what you like at any given moment. With the Max1 this vent was a small flippy-floppy silicone thing on the side of the toy. So you could easily alternate between open and close just by pressing your finger on it or releasing it. With the Max2 Lovense has put this on the bottom of the toy and now it’s a mechanical switch that’s much harder to flip. So if you want to change the amount of suction you have to stop stroking every time. Both toys suffer from lube leakage on the air vents which can be a bit annoying as it can make the toy slippery.


The inner sleeve is quite different, and the two sleeves are not really interchangeable. You can force them into each other, but that’s probably not the best idea. The sleeve of the Max2 is unisex and has a transparent color compared to the vagina sleeve of the Max1.

Vibrations and Contractions

The vibrations can be felt way more with the Max2! The new design really improved on how much you can feel of the vibrations. With the Max1 the sleeve just didn’t connect enough with the body of the toy to deliver enough of the vibrations. The Max2 gives you way more powerful sensations!

Lovense improved on the contractions too! The Max1 had two inflatable air pouches on both sides of the toy, while the Max2 has one big that goes all around on the inside of the toy! The contractions can get so strong, that it can be really hard to keep your cock inside the toy and not let it push you out.

Remote Control

This feature is identical to the Max1. If you give a control link to a partner, they get a nice little web interface with two control bars. One is for the vibrations and the other one is for controlling the strength of the contractions. A timer clearly shows them how much time they have left (which you can specify when creating the link). One nice feature is that the timer doesn’t start until they turn something up for the first time.

If you’re interested in smart sextoys this is a very good choice! It provides exciting interactivity and great quality for a very reasonable price!

Check out the video review too!

Lovense Max 2





  • Reasonable price
  • Great quality
  • Cool design


  • Proprietary charger
  • Lube leakage