VirtualMate – the future is here!

When it comes to interactive sextoys there’s currently two main paths. When a pre-recorded content makes your toy move/vibrate/contract and when you make the content react moving your toy. The first is like a more immersive version of a movie, like 4DX cinema, the other one is just like video games. So far cinema was much better than gaming (the best toy there by far is the KEON by Kiiroo). Well, things just got a bit more even! Say hello to VirtualMate!

What it is, where the genre was before it’s arrival

Virtualmate is a pretty realistic 3D game that comes with a very special controller. The VirtualMate Core is a stroker device that you connect to your PC. It detects the speed of your strokes very accurately and the animated character on the screen moves in the same pace. This might not sound too exciting so far and it’s indeed not the part that blew my mind. If it was only this, there’s already MirrorLife that you can play with the Max2 by Lovense. But that game does this and only this. In MirrorLife the characters move in the same rhythm as you stroke. but they do it in a very not life-like sense, and the entire thing just looks kind of silly.

Where VirtualMate really excells

What VirtualMate really nails is how the model actually talks to you. She begs you not to stop and keep going when you stop stroking. She encourages you to fuck her harder at just the right times. She asks you to cum when you’re ready. Sure, it still has some stuff to iron out and some room for improvements, but nowadays all games come out in such stage and are being improved constantly (looking at you, Cyberpunk 2077), so that’s really not an issue in my opinion. The stroker is comfortable to hold, not too heavy and the sensors pick up the motion really well. The game reacts with very low latency, so the entire experience is pretty good!

The Hardware

Since the latest update you don’t even need the USB bluetooth dongle that came with the package (the “I’m ready to cum” feature doesn’t seem to work without it though and the latency is worse in this case, but that should be fixed in the next update). For now though, just keep using the USB dongle. The sleeve itself is comfortable and feels really nice. The Core itself is the “industry standard” size, so you can actually fit your Kiiroo or Fleshlight sleeves into it. I tried them and the Core still works in picking up the pace of your strokes perfectly. Just make sure to close the end of them first somehow, because the inside of the Core is not waterproof so you’ll want to avoid lots of lube and bodily fluids getting in there. Also only do this at your own risk, as this is probably voiding your warranty! Please don’t hold me responsible for that 🙂 One issue I’ve had is with the heating. Yes, the toy can even pre-heat itself! Well, kind-of. If you tap the top while it’s on the charging base, it starts a 3 minute pre-heat session. After it’s done it should be all nice and warm inside for you just make sure the sleeve is aligned in the right way, otherwise the only thing that gets warm is the plastic case of the device. This isn’t that big of an issue though because there are tons of really good ways you can warm your sleeves before usage. You can submerge them in warm (not hot!) water for a minute or two. Just make sure to quickly dry them before using them. You can also get a heating rod that’s designed for toys specifically. These are usually USB and only cost a few dollars. You insert them into the sleeve and in a few minutes it’s all nice and warm and ready for you.
Speaking of the charging base, it might take a few tries to put the toy in the right way so the pins actually connect and it’s actually charging properly, but after a few tries you’ll get the hang of it. The little VM logo on the toy is sometimes on, sometimes off and doesn’t seem to actually correspond to the state of the toy. Sometimes it was off and the toy was still connected and was working just fine. This might just be a small bug, but it’s a bit harder to decide if it’s connected before starting the action.

The Software

This is the million dollar baby right here. If VirtualMate keeps improving the software with more varietey for the audio, more styles (currently you can already choose between a dominant and submissive tone in some scenes), adds more characters (*Male characters confirmed for a future update!* And maybe a male toy, like the Pearl2?) and stories, this can really be a new standard of having fun!

After installing

When you launch the game you can choose from a few things.

Story mode

In this mode you choose a story and the game starts with a dialog that’s a few minutes long. Your character chats with the girl and the topic turns steamy leading to you having sex. After the dialog finishes the live action starts and you take control. The difference between the chapters here is basically the base story, the environment and surroundings and the outfit the girl’s wearing in the beginning. It also changes what se says in certain situations.

Quick Mode

This is basically story mode but you choose the outfit of the girl, are in the default bedroom with her and there’s no dialog. It’s straight to action. Here you can toggle her having clothes on and off. She’s naked in story mode.

VR Mode

I couldn’t test it yet as I don’t have any VR system available for my PC, but there should be a mobile version coming soon, so that’s pretty exciting!

Video Mode (beta)

This is an interesting and fun concept, but I think it’s just that. Here you can load any video file from your computer or browse pornhub (so far that’s the only site integrated). When you start a video, it’ll play at a speed according to how fast you’re stroking. If the clip has music in it that makes a VERY VERY trippy experience! Also obviously loading a file is meant for porn videos on your computer, but being able to watch the entire Lord of the Rings movie by having to stroke all the way could be a viral challenge!


Here you have your basic settings for video and audio, and this is the place where you can enable built-in bluetooth mode (new). Using that mode you no longer need the white USB dongle that came with your toy, but it’s not fully functional at the time I’m writing this (2021.05.20.).

How it looks

To be honest, it looks pretty fucking great! It’s not Hollywood grade photorealistic action, but it’s current video game quality and it’s decent enough to be stimulating! I especially like that when you press switch pose, it doesn’t just jump-cut to the other pose. The character actually moves from one position to the other (except for a few cases)


There are 12 positions and they all look great! You can cycle through them at the moment in the order below. Maybe a positions list editor in settings would be a good idea where you can select your favorite positions and maybe even add hotkeys to get to them faster.

  • 3 different cowgirl poses, only the angle of her body and her hand placement changes
  • 2 poses laying on her back. One on her elbows, slightly elevated, the other laying completely on her back
  • sitting up from laying on her back, arms around your neck, getting really close to you
  • doggy style on her elbows
  • laying on her side, from behind
  • doggy style on her palms, slightly more elevated body than the previous doggy
  • on her back and elbows, slightly twisted to the side
  • laying on her side facing you
  • bent over the bed from behind


In some of the stories you get to choose which direction the dialogue goes and set the basic tone for the scene
You can turn the lights on and off, but turning them off just makes everything disappear and you only see the girl in a black void, so this is something that could use some improvement.

In quick mode you can toggle her having clothes on or off, and you can switch between positions. When you feel you’re ready just tap the top of the toy (genius feature!) and she’ll start talking about how she wants you to cum until you do. When you stop stroking she’ll ask if you came and if the answer is yes, the game will go to the closing scene where she tells you how amazing it was then it’ll exit back to the main menu. A nice feature here would be the ability to just tap the top of the Core again to indicate ‘Yes’ when she asks if you came. It’d be much easier than going for the mouse on your desk.

Overall experience and tips

I’m really happy with this game and toy! It delivers an already really fun experience and there’s a huge room for even further improvement. Can’t wait to see what’s next! After using it for multiple times per week for a few weeks, I can confidently say that if they keep up with the updates this game just doesn’t get boring.


So if you’re a game developer or have a cool idea that you’d like controlled by the Core, you can actually contact Virtualmate and get acces to the SDK! That’s so exciting!

Tips to spice it up!

  • Play with your wife/girlfriend if you’re into the idea of seducing a third girl. Have your partner stroke you with the core and have her make you fuck that girl just the way she wants to! You can only cum if she allows you to!
  • If you feel like you need a bit of extra stimulation, just play some porn in the background and “have sex” with your virtual mate imagining you two are watching porn and fucking.
  • Actually do try to watch the entire Lord of the Rings movie (whichever one) in Movie mode! If you do, message me, you legend!
  • Talk back to the girl. It might feel a bit silly at first, but it can be great exercise to practice talking during sex, and somteimes she’ll say just the right thing, so that’s even more fun.

If you’re interested in the actual usage and NSFW parts of the review, those can be found on my personal website over at .






  • Best of it's kind, really fun!
  • Awesome audio
  • Decent graphics
  • Regularly updated content


  • Some minor bugs
  • Charging base is a bit wonky