Lovense Domi 2

Do you like magic wands? Have you not tried one yet? This article is definitely for you then!

Domi 2 by Lovense

The Domi 2 is Lovense’s second iteration of the magic wand. As someone with a penis, I never tried a magic wand, and boy, was I missing out on the magic! Initially I bought it because I saw that Lovense made a ‘Male Attachment‘ for this toy and I got curious about it. I want to thank Lovense here for getting me curious about a toy that I thought was ‘for the clitoris’. This toy is the first ever that actually replaced my hand more than 50% of the time I masturbate. And I mean alone. Privately. Without cameras. Just for my enjoyment.

Design and overall feel

The toy itself feels quite heavy (it’s 380g), and very well put together. It just feels like you can drop it and you’d rather break the floor than it falling apart. There’s definitely nothing that would feel cheap about it. Taking into account that this toy costs only $99 right now (on sale from $199) that’s a bargain! I love the materials Lovense works with. The silicone covering the head of the toy is nice and smooth, and the plastic covering the wand itself feels really really nice, and can be cleaned pretty easily.

Usage, battery life and handling

The toy itself has a Li-Ion battery, that you can charge from zero to hero in 90 minutes. After giving it a full charge you can leave it on standby for 100 Hours (why would you tho’…), and you can use it on Level 1 for 130 munites, on Level 2 for 95 minutes, and if you crank it up to Level 3 it’ll last 75 minutes. I personally alternate between Level 2 & 3, and it gets me off in 2 minutes if I want it to, but since I like to edge, my ‘sessions’ usually last somewhere around 30 minutes, of which 15-20 minutes is toy play. So with all that, it lasts me about 4 sessions before I have to recharge. As with all rechargeable batteries it’s better not to let them discharge all the way, but rather keep them above 50% at all times. Usually I just pop it back on the charger after every use, and only let it go lower every once in a while.

Cleaning is extremely easy, since the toy is waterproof. The charging port on the bottom is exposed though, so don’t submerge it and I’d refrain from using it in the shower while running the water. For me it’s usually enough to clean the head of the toy thoroughly and then wipe the body clean with a damp cloth or maybe some mild soap.

It has 2 buttons!!!! So one thing that annoys me about a lot of toys that have multiple levels and patterns and only one button, is that I have to cycle through all the levels and patterns to get to the one I want. This toy has 2 buttons. It’s still only cycling through them but I can go backwards now! To put it in perspective: if I’m on Level 3, and want to ease back a bit to Level 2; with a one button toy I’d have to cycle through the 4 built-in patterns, then Level 1, and after all that I’ll be at Level 2. With this toy, I just press the ‘down’ button, and I’m back on Level 2. Seems like it’s not a big deal, but trust me, it’s a whole new world, especially when you’re edging!

Okay, but how do you put your cock in it?!

You don’t. Obviously…. what you do instead is you hold the toy and press the head against your cock. You don’t need to be hard for this, it’ll get you hard pretty fast. From there you’ll just have to experiment and find which spots and what intensities work best for you. Don’t be shy and definitely put it all over the place! 🙂 My favorite spots are above the base of the head of my cock, below it, and below my cock, on the shaft about 1/3 of the way up from the base. But we are all different, so these are just my spots, you’ll find your own 😉 You can also play around and explore other body parts with it, like your nipples.

Quick tip: don't worry if you find that you only get semi-hard, or go back to being semi hard after getting fully erect. That's pretty normal considering how strong the vibrations are, and also depending on how hard you're pressing it to your cock. If you feel like you're getting used to the vibrations and they are more numbing than pleasurable, just ease back on the intensity, or stop for a bit and use your hands for a few minutes.
Pro tip: if you like hands-free orgasms, use a strap !Make sure it's somewhat elastic, not to cause any trauma to your cock! It can grow an extra few percent when you cum, and that can hurt if you're not careful!

Remote control

Remote control works the same way as with any other Lovense toys. You can add a partner in the Lovense Remote app, download patterns or give a control link to somebody with the Lovense Connect application. If you’re using the toy on cam or just having some long distance fun with your partner through a video call, it’s a really nice touch that the chrome ring below the head of the toy actually blinks and lights up according to the level it’s vibrating at, so your partner can see that the toy is actually reacting. It’s a small, but really nice touch.

The Male Attachment

Domi/Domi 2 Male Attachment

The male attachment currently costs $20. It’s compatible with the Domi and the Domi 2. It’s basucally a silicone appendage that you put on the head of the toy, and it’ll transfer the vibrations for you. It has 2 sides. One is for wrapping around your cock and stroking, and the other one is to insert it into your butt. The only time I’d actually recommend buying this toy is if you’re not experienced at all with anal and want to try it out. The anal part is very thin, so it’s not gonna be a challenge to insert, and learn how to use it, but both for anal use, and for stroking there are better toys. In my opinion this toy doesn’t need you to stroke, it’s way better to just press against your cock. If you want a very similar sensation but with stroking, go for the Hot Octopuss Pulse! If you want an anal toy, and like prostate play go for the Lovense EDGE. If you want a simple vibrating buttplug with no specific effect on your prostate go for the Lovense Hush.

Male attachment vs. Hush / EDGE

The male attachment simply cannot transfer as much vibration into your body than what the Hush and the EDGE can do by vibrating actually inside your body. It’s also pretty uncomfortable having to hold the toy with one hand while using it. The Hush and the EDGE are just there and do their thing once inserted, no need to hold them or anything. The only advantage of the Male attachment is that it’s thinner, so if you have no experience, and you want to try something small, you can do so with it.

Male attachment vs. Hot Octopuss Pulse (Duo, Solo, any version really)

This is simply a no-brainer. You can get the Pulse Solo Essential (most basic model) for $99 at the moment, and that is designed specifically for stroking, while giving you a very similar sensation. The only advantage of the Domi 2 compared to the Pulse toys is that it’s actually stronger. This might change though with the Pulse Duo LUX arriving soon (stay tuned for updates on that). So for example I’ve had a Pulse 2 Duo for years, and a couple of times while using it I would’ve wanted just a teeny-tiny bit more of an oompf. The Domi 2 can give it to me.

Don’t forget to also check the video review!

Lovense Domi 2





  • Well built
  • Great price
  • Remote controlled
  • Visual feedback with LEDs


  • Seriously none...