Hot Octopuss JETT

An awesome hands free toy from Hot Octopuss, the JETT has landed! At an extremely affordable price of only $69 (wink, wink…) you should definitely consider this amazing little toy as your next purchase! Your cock will be very happy for you!

This is a first of it’s kind toy, featuring Hot Octopuss’ brand new “Treble and Bass Technology™”. What this means is you have two vibrator motors attached to your cock in close proximity. The two motors have different characteristics. One provides deep, rumbly vibrations while the other gives out a more high-pitched, intense buzzzing. You can control each motor in 5 different speeds, giving you 25 different combinations and even more. More, because sometimes the two motors harmonize their frequencies a bit, and it’s Tacoma bridge time baby! 😉

The toy consist of a Silicon sleeve that holds the two egg shaped motors which are connected to a plastic control unit with a cable. The control unit works with 4 AA batteries, which to be honest is quite weird for a higher-end sextoy nowadays. It can go a bit over 1 hour before draining the batteries.

Aweosome things about it

You can truly go hands free with this toy, even in public (don’t do anything illegal though!). There are already plenty of toys that you can use for discreet public play, but those are all vaginal toys like the Lush, anal toys like the Hush/Edge, or vibrating panties for the clit. Also pretty important that this toy is powerful enough to get you off, so you can truly give control to somebody. The control unit is very discreet, so nobody will notice what that thing is in you partner’s hands 😉 The silicon strap is pretty tight, and I’m not a very thick guy, so it might cause problems if you’re thick. It is elastic, so it should fit most sizes around the average, but if you’re way above average definitely ask customer support first!

Possible improvements for the next generation

  • The batteries. A built-in rechargeable battery would be very good. AA batteries are expensive, and throwing away 4 of them after every hour can feel a bit of a turn off compared to just plugging it into an USB 🙂
  • I had some issues with the ‘eggs’ overheating a bit. Not to a degree where they would cause burns, but it still got quite uncomfortable and removing them in a public setting is not necessarily the easiest thing.
  • Maybe a remote controller, like with the new Pulse toys, so the public play can be even more discreet
  • Remote control features like with the Lovense and Kiiroo toys. I’d love to use this toy in cam shows, as I could have both of my hands free while someone takes control of my cock 🙂

Make sure to watch the video review too!

Hot Octopuss JETT





  • Great price
  • Exciting technology
  • Hands free penis toy
  • Public play


  • AA batteries
  • Slight heating on extended use