Tips on how to make the Onyx+ work for you!

Did you ignore the warning at the beginning of the Onyx+ review? Or maybe you haven’t seen it before purchasing? Chances are you got a product that is either too small or too loose for your cock 🙁 That can be especially frustrating since it’s a $200+ toy! We tried a couple of things to salvage the situation if possible, here they are.

Warning! These are totally homemade hacks and might void your warranty!

Solution #1: SELL IT – Works for both if you’re too big or too small

Sadly this is the only solution if you are too big for the Onyx+ . Even if you used the toy, you can get replacement sleeves at a price of $30/3pcs on the Kiiroo website . While this will make you spend even more, this way you can sell your toy as brand new, unused, with 3 brand new sleeves insted of 1 that comes with the toy itself. While not ideal, it can still get you back some of your money instead of having an expensive, large paperweight.

Solution #2: Double sleeve it

You don’t necessarily have to invest in additional sleeves to do this, you can use a sock/socks of appropriate size. Just “wrap the sleeve” in the sock(s) or additional sleeve before putting it in the toy. While this will undoubtedly dampen the sensation compared to the original setup with just the one sleeve, it’ll still be somewhat enjoyable and you’ll get the excitment of interactivity. We tested it with both 2 socks and an additional sleeve and it did help with the “thin dick” issue.

Solution #3: The epic hacker

!!! Though this can be a fun project ONLY do this if you know what you’re doing, know how to properly handle and service electronics and even if you get it done, we don’t recommend using the toy like this, This is only a proof of concept fun project to do instead of just leaving your brand new toy collecting dust somewhere.

We did disassemble the toy somewhat and found that there are two rods controlled by stepping motors which are moving the litle plastic grip thingies. If you are extremely determined, you can disassemble the toy completely (voiding your warranty instantly for sure), remove the rods, remove the plastic control knobs and 3d print bigger ones (or just put something on them to make them bigger) thus making the plastic grip parts go further inwards and making the toy tighter. This might put extra strain on the motor though and might decrease the lifespan of the toy.