Glass toys and temperature play

Why buy glass toys?

They look amazing! Glass toys can look amazing! The way they are shaped, how light bounces off them, the way they reflect and refract the beams of the setting sun gently shining on them. Just gorgeous! They also look very exciting when you insert them into your partners body!

They are inexpensive! Glass toys cost way less than their looks would suggest. Almost all toys “do something” nowadays, and those electronics, and stuff cost money, so smart toys will set you back with $100+ if you want decent quality. Since glass toys are “just” glass, even good quality ones can be much cheaper.

They feel different! Glass toys are more rigid than plastic/silicon toys and can provide a different sensation. They also allow you to try temperature play.

How the glass feels

Glass toys are really smooth, even smoother than silicone toys. The main difference you’ll feel compared to silicone/plastic/jelly toys is that the glass is not felxible at all. With the silicone toys even if they have a hard/rigid plastic inner shell, the silicone cover is somewhat soft. So you’ll feel a very rigid object entering your body. It’s an exciting and thrilling sensation. I’ve tried a couple of prostate toys, but none of them were able to press on my prostate so firmly and give me so precise control as glass toys (except for metal toys, but we’ll get to those in a later article).

What lube to use

One thing that’s easier with glass toys is that you can basically use any type of lube. Silicone toys can’t be used with silicone based lubricants, but you can use any type with glass toys. You might need to apply a bit more than usual though, but this depends on the shape of the toy and the type of lube too. Just take it slow and experiment with it!

How to try temperature play with glass toys

Temperature play itself goes way beyond glass toys. There’s ice cubes, hot wax, and all kinds of exciting things! When it comes to glass toys you can either pop them into your fridge for 10-15 minutes, or put them into ice water and let them cool down for 5-10 minutes. To heat them up do the same, just use warm water instead of cold one.

NEVER USE BOILING/HOT WATER! Getting burns is never fun, so make sure to only use water that’s warm, but not too hot! if you can put your finger in it, it should be good.

ALWAYS test your toy on a sensitive bodypart before touching it to your genitals! Your inner elbow or wrist is a good place to try. If it feels good, you should be good to go.

Dry your toy with a paper towel or soft cloth, apply some lube and slowly and gently start playing around your vagina or anus. You don’t have to slam it in right away. If you have two toys warm up one and cool down the other. You can try alternating them. If you use the toys on your partner it can be pretty exciting for them to not know which sensation will come when and how you’ll alternate the toys. Of course you can insert the toys too for some deep sensations. You’ll most probably get used to the temperature as your genitals cool down / warm up and match the temperature of the toy, but it’ll take a few minutes before that happens. After that you can choose to cool/warm your toys again and start it all over, or just keep playing without the temperature element.

How to clean and store your glass toys

Cleaning your glass toys is extremely easy! Just use warm water and soap, or an antibacterial toy cleaner. You can also pop them into the dishwasher if you’d like, just not together with your dishes…. because…. well…. ew. Also there’s one more advantage compared to silicone toys is that if you’re using them for anal play and happen to be not completely clean (hey, it happens to everyone). Silicone toys love to hold on to the oily molecules that cause odor and no matter how clean and sterile you get them you might need to just air them out for a few days. With glass toys that issue is almost nonexistent. It might not be an issue for you, but if you’re shy about odors, it can definitely be a nice thing!

Try to keep every single toy separate from the others. Most probably nothing will happen if they bump into each other, but why risk breaking your beautiful little toys?! Also even if they don’t visibly break, you wouldn’t want any glass splinters in your body either!

Want to try them yourself? You can get these toys here