The best fake cum recipes

Why would somebody want to make fake cum?

Well, there could be just as many reasons as many people are on the planet. A lot of people love cum, but your body can’t produce an unlimited amount of it, so if you want to play with a lot of cum and often, you’ll either need multiple people, or some other source of cum. A few of the most common uses for fake cum are:

  • If you enjoy cum play but don’t have that much cum or any at all
  • If you want the feeling of being covered in cum, like with bukkake, but are in an exclusive relationship or just don’t want to involve that many people
  • Out of curiosity or because it’s just fun
  • To dump a bucket full of cum onto somebody (with their consent of course *winkwink*)!

What are the key differences?

This all depends on the purpose and what you’re going to use the fake cum for. Some main differences that you should take into account when making/getting it is if they are edible and if they are body safe. If you buy fake cum that’s specifically designed and manufactured to use as lubricant those are always body safe, and mostly edible. I wouldn’t swallow too much though, so don’t put it on your toast by the spoonfull 😀
You might also consider how hard it is to make it and how expensive it is. Spunk lube and bad dragon’s cum lube is multiple times more expensive than just plain methylcellulose, so if your plan is to simply fill a bucket and dump it on yourself or somebody, there’s no point spending $500 instead of $50!

The recipes

Okay, let’s get down to business! The recipes are in chronological order, as they appear on the video below.

Fake cum recipe #1: Corn starch + water

Just add corn starch to boiling water and let it simmer until it gets to the desired consistency. On the video I used hot water, and didn’t cook it any further, but it was good enough like that. I tried cooking it a bit, and it did provide even better results, so I definitely suggest you go that route.

Rating: 5/10
Pros: Extremely cheap, relatively easy to make, edible, keeps it’s consistency for a long time, doesn’t smell.
Cons: Not body safe, you’ll need a stove, or at least a microwave to boil some water, not that realistic…

Fake cum recipe #2: Methylcellulose + water

This one is extremely easy to make, and it’ll actually turn out to be the best with a few small tweaks! Just buy some methylcellulose in a baker supply store, mix it with water until you get the desired consistency and you’re basically done! You can add some baby powder to make it white enough to be realistic. I found that adding the conrstarch mix from the previous recipe makes it very very realistic both in color and in texture, so if you want to make it better than what you get with baby powder, add some constarch mix instead!

Rating: 7/10
Pros: Extremely cheap and extremely easy to make! Edible, keeps it’s consistency for a long time, doesn’t smell. Looks and feels pretty realistic.
Cons: Not body safe

Fake cum recipe #3: Cornstarch mix + sour cream + raw egg white + salt

This one sounded pretty disgusting and pretty complicated actually, and it turned out just as disgusting, but fairly realistic to be honest.
Rating: 2/10
Pros: Looks kind of realistic I guess
Cons: Way too complicated, not body safe, not edible (unless you want salmonellosis), too many ingredients, extremely disgusting!

Fake cum recipe #4: Plain yougurt + water

Just get some plain yogurt, and add some water until you get the desired consistency. I tried simple plain yogurt, kefir and greek yogurt, but the simple plain yogurt was the best.

Rating: 5/10
Pros: Extremely easy to make AND to get the ingredients from any grocery store! It’s edible.
Cons: It isn’t too realistic. I’ve read on multiple sites that it’s body safe, but I still wouldn’t use it as lube….

Fake cum recipe* #5: Evaporated milk

This is also commonly used, but it’s really not that realistic. If you’re not familiar with this product, it’s often used as a coffee creamer.

Rating: 2/10
Pros: Pretty cheap, shelf stable, edible.
Cons: Not body safe, pretty disgusting (although some people like it), dries fast and gets very sticky! Not too realistic. Weird color!

Fake cum recipe* #6: Spunk Lube Hybrid

I managed to get some spunk lube from a friend. The description on the website says: White & creamy SPUNK Lube mimics natural body lubrication. Multi-award winning cum lube that’s “water based silicone” & perfect for all sex toy materials. Brings ejaculating dildos, realistic jizz squirting sex toys & more to life. Cleans easy. #1 “ Well, I had really high hopes for this, but I was pretty disappointed. As you’ll see on the video and on the picture, it’s almost completely transparent, and has the texture/consistency of just plain old lube. I tried shaking the bottle, mixing it up, but that didn’t really change anything.

Rating: 2/10
Pros: Body safe, water based lube.
Cons: Not realistic at all, too expensive compared to the other recipes. Decent price if you compare it to other lubes though!

The ultimate pro best fake cum recipe ever: Recipe #2 + Recipe #6 in 1:1 ratio

So the absolute perfect winner, that looks, feels and behaves exactly like cum is the Methylcellulose recipe (specifically the cornstarch variant) mixed with spunk lube in a 1:1 ratio. I think any kind of lube works, so you don’t have to get spunk lube for this. Just use whatever water based lube you can find. This fake cum has just the right amount of chunkiness, it has some whiter parts, some more transparent and more runny parts, it’s very very similar to real cum.

Rating: 10/10
Pros: Edible (in moderation), extremely realistic!
Cons: Needs a bit more preparation and it’s a bit complicated to make, needs many ingredients, not body safe.


Of course everybody is different, and the look, feel, smell and taste of cum varies for everybody. The good thing with these recipes is that you can fine tune the amounts of ingredients to make it thicker, runnier, chunkier or more smooth, whiter or more transparent, so everything is achiveable, you’ll just need to experiment a little bit. So there you have it, if you try any of the recipes, let us know your results in the comments below! And remember, just have fun with it!