What type of toys does Lovense offer?

Lovense is one of the biggest smart toy manufacturer with tons of toys to choose from. Below we’ll try to help you decide which toy you should go with.

Why is there a ‘regular’ one and a ‘2’ of almost every toy? Lovense is making toys for quite a few years now, and a lot of their toys are at their second iteration already. They don’t sunset older models though with the announcement of new versions. You can still buy a lot of the older models for a discounted price. The only reason you should go with an older model though is if you’re not sure about a certain type of toy, don’t have any experience and just want to try it out for as little cost as possible. In any other case just go with the ‘2’ if there is one.

Domi / Domi 2: clitoral/penis stimulation. This toy is not designed for penetration. While sure, everything can be inserted if you’re brave enough, not everything should. And even if you insert it into your vagina or anus it won’t give you that great of a sensation, we tried it so you don’t have to 🙂 It can be used regardless of experience. The Domi is a magic wand type of toy and can give you earth shattering orgasms! Read our in-depth review of the Lovense Domi 2, click here!

Osci / Osci 2: Vaginal/G-Spot toy. You can use it for Prostate stimulation as well! It can be used by beginners and advanced toy users as well. The Osci is “The world’s first oscillating G-spot toy” according to Lovense. It’s actually pretty exciting! It doesn’t simply vibrate like regular toys. Instead it uses Lovense’s patented oscillating feature -see image below-. With this it can deliver intense sensations directly to the exact spot you want it to. Review coming soon!

Low, medium, and strong oscillation settings on Osci by Lovense.

Lush / Lush 2: Vaginal only! The Lush is an egg shaped vibrator, one of Lovense’s most popular toys. It’s a perfect companion for some discreet public play thanks to it being insertable and staying in place nicely. You can take your relationship to the next level by giving your partner control while in a restaurant or walking around in the city! Just make sure to always follow your country’s laws and regulations! Review coming soon.

Max / Max 2: To be penetrated by a penis. *Remote sex compatible! This toy can be used regardless of experience. It requires water based lubricant! The Max is Lovense’s masturbator for people with penises. Besides vibrating it also contracts thanks to it’s innovative air pump design. The Max 2 really improved a lot since the original Max, so in case of this toy we most definitely recommend buying the newer version even if you’re on a tight budget. To read our detailed review and comparision of the two versions, click here!

Nora: Vaginal use only! *Remote sex compatible! While techincally you can use this toy for anal penetration, the movements are not really giving the right sensation, the motor is too weak and the ‘rabbit’ part gets in the way. The Nora is one of Lovense’s first toys. It’s a rabbit style vibrator with a small vibrating outer part for clitoral stimulation, and an internal part that instead of vibrating, moves around in a circular motion. We recommend this toy for beginners, advanced toy users might be a bit underwhelmed by it. Review coming soon.

Hush: Anal use only! The Hush is Lovense’s take on the buttplug. It’s a pretty amazing toy and thanks to it being offered in two sizes you can enjoy it regardless of experience. If you’ve never ever tried anal before you might want to go for something even smaller, but if you have a minimal experience you can safely go for the smaller Hush. Read our detailed review and guide of the Lovense Hush Interactive Buttplug here!

Edge: Anal use only! For people with prostates only! Recommended for experienced users! The Edge is a prostate massager with dual motors (one inside one outside on the perineum). It has a very sturdy design with an adjustable angle. You can still go for this toy if you’re not experienced, but we find that if you’ve never even tried anal play, prostate play is really a jump into deep water 🙂 Review coming soon.

Ambi: Clitoral stimulation. The Ambi is a small bullet vibrator with a unique shape making it easier to hold in the right place even when using it with a partner. Thanks to it’s shape you can change the type of stimulation from broad through pinpoint all the way to super pinpoint stimulation. It’s one of the cheapest Lovense toys you can get, we recommend it for beginner users. Review coming soon.

  • Remote sex compatible: This toy can be paired up with another toy and they can react to each other thanks to motion sensors within them. If you pair up a Max and a Nora or a Max and another Max, the faster you stroke, the stronger the other toy vibrates and vice versa! While a very exciting concept it’s more of a fun feature than anything else 🙂 It most definitely won’t replace sex or even come close to it, but kudos for paving the way and experimenting with such an exciting feature! If you’re interested in toys that mimic sex most realisticly, read our ultimate sex robot tech guide here (coming soon)!