Hydromax7 pump by Bathmate

The Hydromax series by Bathmate are supreme quality penis pumps that use water instead of air. This gives an easier, better seal and you will not need to adjust the vacuum by pumping a bit every minute or so, like you so often have to when using air pumps. The Hydromax is an FDA approved, class 2 medical device, so you can be sure that you don’t hurt yourself if you follow the instuctions and use it properly!

Misconecptions, what it does, what it doesn’t do

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way. Penis pumps WILL NOT make your cock bigger. You can get minor gains in size after pumping compared to your regular erections, but these are temporarily and if you see ads telling you a pump will give you extra inches, don’t fall for them!
Pumps WILL give you stronger, better erections and thus an overall increase in the quality of your sex life.
Always consult your physician and don’t forget that besides using your pump, a good sleep schedule, reduced stress, healthy diet and exercise are huge factors too!

How it works

To use the Hydromax, you’ll fill it with water, put your cock in it, and press it against your pubic bone, thus creating a seal at the base of your cock, You’ll pump water out of the device, lowering the pressure inside the chamber, where your cock is. This makes it easier for blood in your body to flow into your penis and by setting it to the optimal amount of suction, you’ll achieve an erection.

How to use it

You can use your Hydromax in the shower or in the bath. Instructions are almost the same. Take a good 5-10 minutes to just relax and enjoy the warm water. When you’re ready, remove the comfort pad (the little white/grey inner tube thing) from the pump, set the valve to a closed state (by pushing the little black pip thing at the end to the side position. If it doesn’t want to move, try pressing it down a bit towards the body of the pump before moving it to the side position) and fill your pump all the way with water.
Put the comfort pad back in. You only removed it to make sure there’s no air trapped between it and the bellows (the black rubber-like pumping part).
Put your cock in, angle the pump slightly upwards and press it firmly against your pubic bone. It helps if you’re shaved or at least trimmed, so there’s a better seal between the pump’s base and your body.
Press the pump firmly against your body. You should see water exiting at the other end of the pump. You can set the valve control pip (the small black thingy) back to the center position now. Pump until the bellows stay depressed a bit, indicating that you’ve reached the optimal amount of vacuum.
If this is your first time using a pump, just pump once or twice and see how it feels. For me, personally, when I first used a pump even after one pump I felt like my cock is going to explode (which obviously it won’t!), so take your time and get used to the sensation, as it might be pretty new for you.
After you’ve achieved the optimal amount of vacuum you should slowly get an erection inside the pump. Stay like that for 2-3 minutes, then re-pressurize the chamber by pressing the entire pressure valve cap (the bigger, transparent valve thingy around the small black pip, where water was coming out earlier) towards your body.
Remove the pump, and gently massage your cock from the base to the head for 2 minutes.
Congratulations! You’ve just completed one cycle! You can do up to three which should take you roughly 15 minutes. Don’t ever pump for more than 15 minutes within a 24 hour period, that’s not good for you!

Additional tips

It’s a good idea to keep a journal, and write down how your erections felt, how big your cock was exactly (although I need to mention this again, pumps will not give you a permanent increase in size!), and how sex was in general. You should start noticing a difference whithin a few weeks if you keep pumping regularly. Measuring your size is really easy as the Hydromax has a measuring scale on the pump itself, so you’ll always see your exact length.

If you’re struggling with erectyle dysfunction, you can use a blood flow constriction ring (a silicone cock ring) to keep your erection hard after you remove the pump. Restricting blood flow for longer periods of time is not healthy though, so make sure to never have a ring on for more than 30 minutes! I’d go for 25 minutes max, but if at any point you feel anything weird, remove the ring immediately and consult your physician!

Make sure to measure your size and order the correct pump! There are detailed size and measureing guides on the site here!

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Bathmate Hydromax7 Penis Pump





  • FDA approved class 2 medical device
  • Better seal than air pumps
  • Very high quality


  • You need to get in the shower/bath to use it
  • A bit complicated to learn