MagicMotion Solstice – affordable app controlled anal toy!

The Solstice by MagicMotion is an app controlled, interactive prostate vibrator / anal plug. It’s extremely affordable with it’s price being below $60, and packs all the cool features some more expensive toys do! If you’re looking to get your first interactive, app controlled anal toy, and don’t want to invest $100+ right away, this could be the perfect toy for you!

Box, contents and specs

The box has a fun, youthful design that I really liked! After opening it, you’ll find the toy itself, a small pouch to keep your toy in while traveling, the user’s guide, warranty and specs sheet and of course the charging cable.

  • Mateial:Silicone/ABS
  • Size:33*99(132)mm
  • Weight:92g
  • Charging time:90min
  • Using time:120min
  • Waterproof:IPX6

Features, app

The Solstice can be controlled through the Whats Sense application, or you can use it in manual mode. The manual mode is identical to most other interactive toys, as it let’s you cycle through the different intensities and built-in patterns by pressing the power button. After firing up the app, you can select patterns, change the intensity, draw and record your own patterns, control your toy through the microphone, or have it react to some music on your phone. For a detailed demonstration of the app’s features check out my video review here:

How it feels

The Solstice is 132 millimeters long, of that 99 millimeters is the insertable length and the widest part has a diameter of 33 millimeters so it is not a large toy! It is pretty easy to insert even if you are a beginner. It’s very comfortable and not too intense, yet it still provides some prostate stimulation. When I first tried it, it slipped right in and it stayed in place very well! I usually have a problem with most anal toys where they are prone to slipping out when I move around or when I walk or when I squeeze a little bit harder as I get close to finishing, but this toy stays in place perfectly because it has a really nice and long neck. It is not going to give you a super intense prostate pressure because of the very flexible neck though. Even if you try to move the base of the toy with your hand it’ll only change the position of the base and it’s not gonna press on your prostate any harder because it’s super soft. If you’re looking for something that’s much more intense and that you can apply much harder pressure on your prostate with, maybe check out the Edge 2 by Lovense.

Some tips for your new toy

When plugging in the charging cable for the first time, try pushing it perpendicular to the surface of the base where the hole is. You might need to “feel around” a little bit, but it shouldn’t be too hard 🙂

Compared to PleX with flex by Hot Octopuss

PleX with flex has a very similar shape and size, but it’s a bit firmer on the neck, so you can apply a bit more pressure to your prostate. Still nowhere near as much as with the Edge 2 though. PleX has a small hardware remote instead of the app control, so it has less features, but it’s more suitable for discreet public play as you can just press the buttons without having to fiddle around with your phone.


Solstice is a very fun toy and it has an unbeatable price that hovers around $60! If you’re looking for your first toy that’s not too intense, super affordable, offers you tons and tons of features, interactivity, smartphone control and built-in patterns then the solstice could be the perfect toy for you!

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MagicMotion Solstice





  • Extremely affordable
  • Great first anal toy
  • App control


  • Not too intense on your prostate