LELO Loki Wave vs. LELO Hugo – a comparison review


The LELO Loki Wave and LELO Hugo are both prostate massagers and both feature internal and external stimulation as well. While they are primarily designed for prostate and perineum stimulation, thanks to the anatomical similarities they might be used as G-spot and clitoral vibrators as well.

With both toys make sure to read the online user’s guide and familiarize yourself with the buttons and features. There are a few quirks that you’ll get used to very quickly, but you still need to memorize them. For example, how you can click the ‘-‘ button on the Loki Wave repeatedly to gradually decrease the vibration intensity, but you have to hold and long-press the ‘+’ button to increase it. If you click the middle button on the remote for the Hugo and it doesn’t react, try pressing it a bit more firmly. At least with my toy personally I found that if I don’t press it firmly enough, it does click, but it doesn’t register it as a button press.

Main differences between the LELO Loki Wave and LELO Hugo

The LELO Loki Wave is a full size vibrator with a handle. This helps you align it’s angle and the amount of pressure with great accuracy. It also features a fingering, come hither motion which gives an extra layer of stimulation on top of the vibrations.

The LELO Hugo has a very intuitive and really well working remote with multiple modes and haptic feedback! It’s an insertable vibrator which means you can comfortably wear it while being fully clothed and it allows you to have some discreet public fun. Just always make sure to follow your country’s or region’s laws and regulations!

Use cases, ideas to play around with

The LELO Loki Wave is best for playing up-close, as there’s no remote. You’ll be right next to or behind your partner. With 2 motors providing intense vibrations and a third one helping you with fingering motions and the handle allowing for precise adjustment of angles and how deep the toy is, it’s a symphony of sensations with you in full control. I like to use the Loki Wave when I’m comfortably in bed on my back or on my knees, as sitting is a bit tricky because of the handle. It allows for a more diverse set of sensations and with my partners we like to use it when we want to get really close and intimate, kissing and cuddling while giving over full control.

With Hugo you can lean back in a chair and watch as your partner reacts to every bit of pleasure you give them with the remote. Since you can wear the LELO Hugo comfortably for longer periods, it’s great if you want to have some more discreet fun, keeping your clothes on. You can have your partner do everyday stuff around the house while you occasionally turn the vibrations up for them. You can watch a steamy movie where you sometimes turn the Hugo on. You can have the Hugo in and just hand the remote over to your partner with a smile.

What stands out Loki

The come-hither fingering motion combined with vibrations provide an amazing and intense stimulation. The handle helps a lot in getting it to hit the perfect spot and to very finely adjust the intensity of the pressure on the prostate. The outer motor also drives very nice vibrations to the perineum.

What stands out Hugo

The remote is very well designed, and the different modes are amazing. The Tilt-to-increase intensity mode is very accurate and surprisingly smooth, I noticed no jitter or anything. The haptic feedback is really great if you’re controlling your partner’s toy as you get instant feedback in your palm and you don’t have to guess if the toy is doing what you want it to do, or not.

Solo or partner use?

Both toys are great for both solo use and sessions with a partner. I personally like to have both my hands free and dry during solo play and my favorite position is sitting in my chair, so the Loki Wave is definitely a partner play toy for me. The Hugo is equally great for me for solo and partnered use, but when I want to get closer and physical during partnered play, my preference is the Loki Wave.

Some fun ideas to play around with

Set the LELO Hugo remote to mode2, where it reacts to how fast and intensely you move it. Attach it to the outside of your hand with an elastic strap, a glove or any other contraption. You’ll be stroking your penis while the Hugo is inside your partner. If you want to send them stronger vibrations, you’ll need to stroke faster. Can you make them cum before you do? Who can last longer? Who can cum first? If you both have penises you can get two toys and do this both ways. Get creative with the goals and challenges! 🙂

Cleaning and caring for your toy

Both the Loki Wave and the Hugo are covered in premium silicone, so use only high quality water based lube. For anal play I recommend thicker lubes and make sure to re-apply it time and time again if you feel like the lubrication is not enough. Cleaning is very easy, just rinse both toys with warm water and a mild soap or toy cleaner. Pat dry with a lint-free cloth and you’re good to go! I always like to give my toys a full charge after cleaning them, as this way they’ll be ready for me whenever I decide to play with them again. The remote of the Hugo is not waterproof, so if you need to clean it just wipe it with a damp cloth. You can apply some toy cleaner onto a cloth and wipe it with that if it gets extra dirty 😉

Video Comparison

LELO Hugo / LELO Loki Wawe





  • High Quality
  • Great remote
  • Powerful
  • Charges quickly
  • 1 year warranty


  • No app control