Sohimi RASENGAN vs Sohimi ALICE comparision and review

!!! Make sure to check your measurements before ordering, as there's not much wiggle room if you don't choose the right size for your dick !!!

What are the Sohimi Rasengan and Alice toys?

Sohimi currently offers almost 30 different types of masturbators on their site so there’s a LOT to choose from. The ALICE (not to be confused with the Leten Alice!) is currently their top selling toy with over 2.000 reviews and a 4.6 rating while the Rasengan is basically a smaller version of it having almost the same features. Both toys feature a rotating inner sleeve that’s also moving back and forth in a thrusting kind of motion that twists and strokes your cock until completion.

Key differences between the Sohimi Rasengan and Alice

Applicable cock sizeDiameter: min 3.5cm – max 4.5cmDiameter: min 4.5cm – max 5.5cm
Vulva orifice before strokerNOYES
Modes, speed10 modes, slower, but still fast10 modes, faster
Suction cup adapterNOYES
Sohimi RASENGAN vs. ALICE comparison

Which one is for you?

After checking your measurements here are some more guidelines to help you choose the ideal toy for you. If you’re uncut, the vulva orifice of the Alice is so tight, it’ll most definitely pull your foreskin back before you can reach the rotating part. This can be good or bad depending on the sensitivity of the head of your cock. You can use the Alice without the cap, so technically you can just remove that part and use only the rotating part. The Alice is a bit faster, moving in quicker, more intense movements. The Rasengan has longer inner parts on the inside of the sleeve, but there are fewer of them. Only the Alice comes with a suction cup adapter that you can screw into the base of the toy and use it to secure it to flat, smooth surfaces and go hands-free with it.


I really enjoyed playing with these toys. The Alice is a bit too big for me, so I had to hold it at an angle so it was rubbing against my cock, but the Rasengan fit me perfectly. I’m also uncut and the head of my cock is very sensitive, so the vulva part of the Alice, which pulls back my foreskin made it a bit too intense, so that’s also another point towards the Rasengan for me. One thing to know about these toys is that since besides rotating, they are thrusting too, it’s hard to actually stroke with them. It feels like when you’re having sex with a partner, and both of you move, but you fall out of sync 🙂 It’s not impossible, but it’s better to just let it do it’s thing. If you need a very specific stroking tempo to cum it might be a challenge for you. The inner sleeve feels nice and intense, and it looks so cool when it’s just rotating around your cock like crazy!

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  • Great value for the price
  • Intense and fun rotations
  • Fast


  • Quite size specific