Autoblow AI+ review

What the Autoblow AI+ is and how it works

The Autoblow AI+ is Autoblow’s flagship automatic masturbator/stroker. It has 10 programmable memory slots for manual/offline use, and a feature-packed web interface for controlling, downloading new patterns and giving remote control access to others. It has interchangeable sleeves and adjustable grip tightness!

What does the Autoblow AI+ feel like?

It feels pretty similar to stroking with a stroker, but it’s a bit different since the mechanism doesn’t move the entire sleeve up and down on your cock, like when you just use a stroker manually. It grabs the center part of the sleeve and drags that up and down, while the entrance stays at the same place. So it’s essentially stretching it up and down more than moving it up and down. By using enough lube it feels like a nice, sloppy blowjob.

Autoblow AI+ specs and features

The Autoblow AI+ comes with 10 pre-programmed stroking modes which are:

They are pretty different so even if you never try the app features, you’ll most definitely find your favorite(s)! Especially, since you can also control the speed for every mode in 10 different levels. In case that’s not enough, you can also download additional patterns, so set some time aside to experiment and find your favorites!

Manual mode

In manual mode you can cycle through the 10 stored patterns, and also change the speed for each pattern in 10 steps. You can pause and resume the action at any moment with the handy pause button too, in case you’re getting close to cumming but want to hold it back for a bit longer.

App control

To enable App control, you’ll first need to set your Autoblow AI+ to connect to your WiFi network. It’s fairly easy and it only takes a few minutes. To do that, follow this step-by-step guide! After you’re done, don’t forget to save your unique device token, as that’ll be the key to accessing your device!


In freestyle mode you can define an exact area that you’d like your Autoblow AI+ to stroke and set the speed of the strokes. With this mode you can get very specific about how you like your cock to be stroked.


In library you can check what patterns you have loaded onto your Autoblow AI+, reorder them by simply dragging and dropping and here you can also replace them by downloading new ones. Since the currently downloadable patterns are all named ‘Blowjob Experience ###’, the ‘View’ button will help a lot. It’ll show you how the Autoblow will stroke in a visual way, so you can imagine how a given pattern would feel and decide if you want to give it a go.

Remote Control

Remote Control gives you the same controls that the physical buttons do on your toy. It can be fun if you want to have your partner sit next to you and give them full control.

Voice Control (beta)

Voice control is still in beta, but I’d say the accuracy is already more than acceptable (to see it in action check the video review below). It can be a huge help if you have an injury or any kind of disability that limits your ability to hold and control your device.

Similar alternatives

The Kiiroo KEON provides somewhat different features with different mechanics, but it’s also a flagship device, while the Leten A380 has very similar mechanics, thus giving you a similar sensation, but with less features and no interactivity or AI.

Video review

Autoblow AI+





  • Continuous power
  • AI blowjobs
  • Interchangeable sleeves